Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Friends For Life!

Throughout my life, I have had a ton of "Best Friends"! Ok, maybe that sounds a little like I am tooting my own horn - not at all...really, we all have.

Can you name best friends from your childhood? High School? College? Adulthood?

As you start to think about these folks, I am sure that a smile comes to your face. And I know if you are anything like me, as you start to remember them lots of stories come to mind. Great memories with people that we have shared different parts of our life with.
In Captivating (if you have been following the blog, you knew I would mention this book!) the authors talk about God loving us in so many different ways. As a shepard, a friend, a parent, and even a lover - see Shannon's post.
I have started about 15 different posts throughout the day, none worked...I would have a great idea, or a scripture I wanted to use and then nothing would follow. I am reverting back to my children's ministry days and reminding us all of one of the basics. Jesus wants to be your best friend! He already has so many great memories of you and smiles when He thinks of your name. He can rattle off all of your favorite things and tell great stories about your friendship.
The best part is unlike many of our earthly best friends, He will never phase out of our lives. If we will let Him, God wants to be our best friend for life! Or if you are down with the lingo - Jesus is your BFF!
I know it seems a little elementary but it's a great reminder!
Eternal Best Friend,
I praise you for knowing everything about me and still loving me! Thank you for being with me for the long run, for thinking of me fondly - dare I say adoringly. You are an amazing God, whom I will choose to follow for all of my days. Teach me to be a friend like you. Amen

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