Friday, May 22, 2009

Come Up For Air...

I am reading this great book now called Captivating by John and Stasi Elridge. It is about every women's heartfelt desires to connect relationally; and how God has those same desires. I am sure I will write more on this book because I have really connected to it. In the mean time here are some pieces I want to share with you --- and you should run out now and get yourself a copy!

"We know we are not all that we long to be, all that God longs for us to be, but instead of coming up for grace-filled air and asking God what he things of us, shame keeps us pinned down and gasping, believing that we deserve to suffocate."

"Women are beautiful, every single one of us. It is one of the glorious ways that we bear the image of God. But few of us believe we are beautiful , and fewer still are comfortable with it."

I know I am just a little late and maybe a little short, but I hope you will take this chance to come up for some air and ask God what He sees in you and what He wants for you today!

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