Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I need some help

Seriously. I do. Just when I think I'm getting it all together I realize that I'm missing something. Lately I've been doing great at keeping up with the house stuff. I'm on top of things for my church commitments. Laundry is caught up. I'm eating right, even exercising almost every day! That all sounds great right? Great job Shan! (patting myself on the back)

Of course I'm leaving out a major MAJOR part... where is my time with God? Where is my foundation coming from? From the quick thrown up prayers thanking him for the day, my family, or asking for prayer for someone? Is it in the conversations I have with girlfriends about our Creator and how gracious He is? Is it in the prayers I have taped around my house. Sadly, no.

I know all the right things to say girlfriends. I know that I need to have time in HIS word. I even wrote about it last week. I know that I feel better spiritually, physically, and emotionally when I spend time with Jesus every day. So now I just need to do the same thing I have been doing with my eating and exercising- Make a commitment to daily quality time with my Father.

This is what I have to come to face. Daily time with him will mean less of something else. Less... me time. And what that basically means is less online time. I spend WAY too much time on here. I learn a lot. I LOVE reading things and finding out deals, news things, or just what's going on in others lives. But something has to give.

So... I'm going to ask for some accountability here. By that I mean next week I will blog and tell you how I did. I will be honest. Maybe I'll even learn something to share with you. Here's my question though... How do you do it? I'm not talking about reading Christian blogs, listening to Christian music, or even talking to friends about Christ. I'm asking how do you get your personal one on one time with your Creator? What is your strategy for getting into the Word? I'd love any thoughts or ideas! And please shoot up one of those quickie prayers for me that I can be disciplined to remain in Him! THANKS ladies!


  1. Shan-
    I love the honesty of your post. I struggle with the same thing when I don't have a formal Bible Study going. I try to do it every night after the kids are tucked away in bed, but especially in the summer, I get sidetracked by all of the goings on around me. I

    To be truthful, I shouldn't have to have a bible study to make me stay in the word. It is just discipline that God wants us to develop. I am anxious to see what responses you get!

  2. Shannon, I am right there with you. I'm ashamed to say that I don't do very well unless I have someone to be accountable to, also. I will check back with you and try to do better myself. Life does go alot 'smoother' when you do!!

  3. I am by no means good at this, but I have tried some things out to help me. I have a pocket sized Bible that I keep in my backpack for school. Sometimes, I will find that I just open it up and read during my preps. Or, when I am in the car waiting in line at the bank, a drivethrough, or whatever. It is a great tool to have. I usually have this small Bible on me. That way, I don't have to be at home to read my Bible. It has helped me get into the word MORE, but I am nowhere near what I would like to be.

  4. Boy am I glad I'm not the only one who has problems with this! I keep my Bible in my purse. Its a reminder to focus on God and His will. I might not get to read my Bible as often as I want but its always on hand when I can. I also talk to God alot. I use to talk to myself in thought. Now I talk to God. I tell him what stuggles I am having or thank Him for all of my blessings. I