Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alvin Simon Theodore

I used to love chipmunks.  The cute little songs, the cartoons, the little furry creatures scurrying around collecting acorns.  Cute little things.  

I loved them until they invaded my house.  They are in our siding wrecking havoc.  Not nice.  Thus began the attempt to de-rid out house of chipmunks.  If you are an animal lover, you may want to stop reading.  :)

One chipmunk down and 2 more to go...  Last Saturday my husband was gone for the day and I was rushing out to get G into the car to head to a meeting.  I have her in and I hear it.  The noise.  The "I'm caught on a glue trap and panicking" noise.  So what do I do???  I started crying!  I called dear hubby who couldn't come home to "take care of it".  He said to leave it.  The idea of leaving it to suffer was awful!  I told him I would take care of it (thinking- I'm doing this for our house, for the family, I CAN do it!) - should have known right then that leaving him was probably a MUCH BETTER IDEA.

SO...  I'm about hyperventilating , filling up a bucket of water in the house.  I go out there and I get it...  and well... you know.  Right?  What do you do with a bucket of water and an little rodent like creature ( I know, I know, it is a cute little chipmunk!!! I know!!!)?  So I do that.  But here's the thing.  He was stuck by only his back feet.  And the glue trap flipped upside down when it went it so he was sitting on it, wet, mad, panicked, but sitting on it like a boat! 

Around this time the moaning and talking out loud started for me.  Oh girls, if you could have been there!  Seriously, if you could have been I wouldn't have done it alone, or I would have been talked out of doing SUCH A DUMB THING!!!!!

So.. I get broom handle to push it down.  Great job Shan you filled it JUST enough so that the thing was under water ALL BUT HIS NOSE!  There he was breathing, and being water boarded.  Nice.  

Ok, so now I'm about having a heart attack.  oh wait, it gets better. I run into the garage, grab a gallon of DRINKING WATER and start to pour it into the bucket. Just then the little thing gets free of the "best ever, proffessional grade, most sticky glue traps out there" trap and JUMPS OUT OF THE BUCKET ONTO ME!  Commence complete screaming jumping around panic.  And that's from me, not him.  He is wet, tortured, and mad. He looks at me for a sec, then runs into his hole in the ground.

So I don't have any great moral or scripture, or lesson to tie into this..... just wanted to share with you a story of my life.  Hope it made you smile.  If it didn't then maybe telling you that yesterday Kristi and I were walking down a road with G in the stroller and got CHASED by a turkey will do it.  Seriously.  Chased.  Like running full speed ahead with a stroller chased.  



  1. Oh my goodness that is just too much action for me!! A big "AH!" in response to that! Wow! I would have FREEEEAKED OUT if a chipmunk jumped onto me. My eyes were huge when I read that!!
    I once stepped on a gardner snake in my backyard and about had a heart attack. I can't imagine!
    I'm glad you survived Alvin... and the turkey. Geesh!

  2. I didn't just smile, Im LAUGHING!!! You are much braver than I..... I could have never tried to drown him, I would have just left him til hubby came home!

    Oh, and the turkey.... he is a pet! Isn't he a hoot?! He tried to get into my hubby's truck when he was driving by ... but of course my hubby was "calling" the turkey!

    Amy Lindsey