Friday, September 18, 2009

The grass is always greener...

There is something about cliche statements that I love. First, I love the fact that people feel the need to say, "Oh, this is so cliche." Has this phrase has now become cliche, is that possible...well I don't know but it's ironic and also really has nothing to do with my post.

What I do know? The phrase, "The grass is always greener on the other side" is cliche.

My friend listed a devotion on jealousy through her facebook account this week and it spoke volumes to me. It went something like this...

If you are anything like me, you have struggles with envy for others.

"My house looks great until a friend redecorates. Her clever color combination and crafty restoration abilities have created rooms that look as though they've stepped straight from a magazine. Suddenly my home feels outdated and plain.

My kids seem great until I'm around someone else's who excel in areas my kids struggle in. I see her kids quietly reading books that are well advanced for their age and loving every minute of it. I compare that to mine who would rather have their right arm cut off than to read books that are barely grade level all the while asking me when they can go do something else more exciting. Suddenly I judge myself for not making reading more of a priority when they were younger and feel like a sub-par mom.

Suddenly all that I'm blessed with pales in the face of comparison. I'm blinded from seeing what I do have in the face of what I don't have. My heart is drawn into a place of ungratefulness and assumption. As I assume everything is great for those that possess what I don't, I become less and less thankful for what's mine."

WOW! What a slap in the face for me as I have been struggling with certain jealousy issues for a while. As I was growing up I had a life plan....that included marriage and a baby by this age.
And I don't have that...

There are days that I am so envious of my friends who are married with kids.
There are days I think I would give up everything I have to get that.

However the statement, "I am not equipped to handle what they have, both good and bad" struck me right between the eyes while reading this devotion.

What an incredible statement!? And just a great reminder that I see and am jealous of the positive aspects of my friends lives. What I don't envy is the negative things. Now this is not to say that all good things result in bad - I totally don't see it like that.

But marriage and kids, let's face it, that takes work...
work that someday I will be more than happy to do...
right now, I get to work on me.

I needed this devotion this week to focus my eyes on what I do have and to remind myself that God has purposely created me for a particular life. One that is focused on Him and the rewards and blessings He is more than ready to give me. I thank God that He knows what I am equipped to handle, the good and the bad. And that He will guide me through this life on earth with those things in mind.

Now, I am thankful to be where I am at this point. I am grateful that God has made me into a successful single Christian woman: one who is working towards a debt free life, has beautiful room mates, wonderful pets, amazing families, incredible friendships, one awesomely hot God-fearing man, and a heart that is chasing after my creator.

I can see that my grass is just as green as all the yards around me...I just needed reminded.

Thanks, I hope that my life today blesses you! Ahmen

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  1. Perfectly put, Monica!! Just perfectly. I whole heartedly can relate to this...