Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Much Do I Care...

...about my relationship with God?

This is a question that I have been wrestling with for a few days. I get the magazine "Relevant" and there was an article about how to deal with "dwindling faith". It was written to the post-college group of people: those who have been emersed in campus ministry and groups then struggle to have a relationship with Jesus outside of college.

The concluding question was, "How much do you care about your relationship with God?" The writer made the statement that no one can fuel us or light the fire in us if we don't honestly care about having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

I talked about this with the youth this morning in Sunday school. I posed the question, "Is our relationship with Jesus reliant upon 'church activities' or do we invest in that relationship on our own?" Truth be told, I find that if I am inspired by a sermon or the music is good or prayers strike a chord, then I am more apt to feel close to Jesus. I struggle to work on that relationship outside of church.

I am not saying that church/church activities are bad. By NO MEANS am I saying that. What I am saying is that we, as christians, too often allow that to BE our relationship with Jesus. We rarely dig into an intimate, one-on-one with Jesus. We judge our faith on feelings rather than a sincere investment of our time.

I am still wrestling with the question I posed at the beginning. I know that I care about my relationship with Jesus, I really do. But how much do I care about it? Am I willing to invest time into strengthening that relationship? Am I going to dive into the Word because I want to or because I have "homework" for a church activity? Do I care enough about my relationship with God to make time for him DAILY?

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