Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get down to go UP!

Hello!  I'm back from a WONDERFUL time in Texas.  God is so good and He gave me such a peace while I was gone. It may not have come before hand but it was a very very good trip  I had so much fun but was very glad to be home with my family!

It's amazing how God works!  Yesterday Kristi talked about just "being" with God.  She was sick and didn't get to go to our Bible Study but that fit perfectly with what we are being asked to do for the duration of the study.    I know some of you aren't doing this study, and while we wish you could do it with us, that's ok!  I just wanted to share a neat idea with you and tag on to Kristi's post.

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time"   I Peter 5:6   

Our challenge for the next weeks is to do just what this verse calls us to.  To get on our face before God.  Literally.  Each day, before we do our study, our quiet time with God, devotions, or even right when we wake up, we need to humble ourselves.  This isn't saying anything other than "you are God, I am not.  You are holy and mighty and I give you praise Lord".     If you can't physically get down on the floor, try laying your head on the table or on the arm of a chair.  The point is to physically humble ourselves to our great and powerful God.  The point is to lower ourselves so we can be raised up, lifted up closer to Him!

I've never done this.  Well, I should say I've never done this consistently.  I may have done this one time or another. I will raise my hands in praise but I've never gotten down on my face before God on a regular basis.  But I'm going to.  I am so ready for a deeper level with my Creator.  I NEED that.  So I'm going to do this.  And I am believing that God will honor this act of humility and reverance and open my eyes to more of his glory.

What about you?  Even if you're not in the study, are you willing to take some time every day and get down before the Lord?  It doesn't have to be in the morning, or for a specified time.  If you can't physically get down, try something else with the same frame of mind.  

If you do decide to do this with us, please share with us what the Lord reveals to you through this process.  OR if you have done this before, share what that meant to you.  We'd love to go through this together!!

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  1. The first thing that came to my mind when I read this entry is Matt Redman's song "Facedown"

    "Lord, I stand on Your merciful ground
    Yet with every step tread with reverence...

    And I'll fall FACEDOWN
    As Your glory shines around...

    So let Your glory shine around
    King of glory, here be found..."