Wednesday, August 26, 2009

33- The Jesus Year

Today I'm 33 years old.  My husband tells me that it's "the Jesus year"  He finished his earthly ministry at the age of 33.  While I'm not planning on leaving this earth at the end of this year, I do pray that God will use me in great ways and that it will bring praise to Him, like His son did.

I have spent some time this past week thinking about past birthdays.  I have had some great ones.  I've thought of a lot but I'll share just a few.
  • My sixteenth birthday-  My parents gave me a party with a friend whose birthday was 3 days before mine.  We had all our friends over, and a great cake... it was the best (plus I got my driver's license!)
  • My 23rd birthday- We had just moved to Haiti.  I was adjusting to the heat (and don't even think it was nothing but H.O.T in August), to living at an orphanage with 65 kids, having no phone, tv, internet access, or even electricity.  I just found an old journal from that time and I wrote about that day...  I was so thankful for my friend Charity, who spent the year with me.  I wrote that I got some special birthday presents- lettuce, real milk, brownies, and carmel apple suckers.  (all definitely treats that year!)  
  • My 29th birthday.  I was living by myself in Huntington, starting my fourth year working for the University.  I remember calling a girl friend and telling her that I had never ever pictured that I would be single at the age of 29 and with no boyfriend in sight.  I told her that I was going to have a great year and live my life to the fullest but if I was still single on my 30th birthday I was going to take the day off, cry all day, be sad, then move on.  :)

Fast forward to my 30th.... I took this great guy home to meet my family and friends for the first time, knowing that I was going to marry him.  God is so good.  He sees our future and knows that His plans are in order and that they are going to be fabulous. I had great days being single and hard days being single...  but I am so, so thankful for that time of growth, stretching, and adventure.  Although I would have said that I needed someone in my life much sooner, God knew I needed to learn to depend on Him, and to have confidence in myself and who I am in Christ.    I'm so, so glad I waited for His best in my life.  So glad.

Ps. 27:14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

And today- my 33rd birthday- I spent the day with my husband, I laughed a lot, ate great food, then came home to kisses from my daughter.  Each birthday completely different but each so very important in my life. - Thank you Lord for knowing what we need and when!  Thank you for your presence in our lives that holds us up no matter what the situation.  Thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday Shan! I love you and love our friendship.

    And thanks for your sharing meant a lot to me personally. :)

  2. HBD!! And thank you for the great post. Perfect timing for me, you have no idea. <3