Saturday, August 29, 2009

Three Posts in One!

I know I'm really late to post anything - I started this and then my computer went on the fritz, sorry.

My husband and I were talking about my post for this week. I usually bounce my ideas off of him before I post and he said he thought I'd write about our anniversary which I had not even thought about. Then after I did give it some thought, I realized he was part of that idea in a different way too because he asked me to marry him some 32 years ago. He teases sometimes that I asked him which I did not.

Mike and I met in college and from the very start we were good friends which they say you should marry your best friend, don't they! But I guess soon after we started dating seriously, we both must have known that we were made for each other. We had similar upbringings in the church, both loved children (we both majored in elementary education), and seemed to have the same ideas on the importance of family and many things. It's kinda funnie to write all this, I guess I believe we can truly say that God brought us together. I know it says in Jeremiah (29.11) "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Because of our shared Faith, I believe God was working in our lives BUT sometimes we didn't even recognize Him. He was watching over us and our family and all the decisions we made!! And has continued to all these years!!

We've had our struggles like every family but in looking back there has been much more positive. I praise God for the ways he has prospered and blessed my family. I think I am much more aware of it now maybe because I'm older, maybe because I know more now that God does have a plan for us, for everything we do and will help us to follow that plan. I'm ashamed for the ways and times that I wasn't following God's plan for my life. What a loving God we serve that will forgive us when we aren't and will call us back and wait with open arms until we come back to HIM. HALLELUYAH!!!!!

Next, I wanted to comment on all the wonderful people that made themselves available to work on the Fish Fry and then just this last Weds for the Day of Caring. (maybe you were one of these people!!) These are two things that our church has been involved with for many years connected to the missions committee. Two separate things but still for this post, the same. We had the fish fry to raise money for the mission workteams; The Day of Caring is thru the United Way and Housing Opportunities of Warsaw. It is sooooo AWESOME to see how God's people will come together to serve. We served 589 people at the fish fry and two separate families for the Day of Caring. There were so many that came out to work and I praise God for all of these people!

In closing, the Ladies Mission Workteam is preparing to go on their next trip in just a few weeks. We leave on September 13th thru September 19th. Our theme this year is 'We Are All Members of God's Team'! For our last meeting, we had a visit from a gal that calls herself 'Princess Purple'. She speaks to groups, usually women, about their royal heritage - that we are all princesses because we are daughters of the King of Kings!! She is a great encourager and she came to prepare us for our trip. She is so kooky and not afraid to share about God's love and the ways He works in this world. She talked to us about being on God's team dressed as a cheerleader in, yes, you guessed it, all purple. She reminded us that we needed to always be checking in God's 'planbook', the Bible. Most of all, she just shared her excitement in JESUS which she wanted us to be able to share with those we serve on our trip and all we come in contact with even in our lives!! So take these words from Princess Purple that you are a member of God's team and always 'look up'.

Dear God, I praise you for all the ways you work in our lives. I thank you for the plan you have for me and for others. I thank you for all the great people that join me on this team of yours. I thank you that you have the game plan all written out for us in the Bible and I pray that you will put it on our hearts to be reading that 'planbook'. All this for your Glory!! Amen.