Friday, August 7, 2009

VBS!! We're at Camp E.D.G.E.!!!

This week we've been having Vacation Bible School at our church. It has been a great week! I have been a part of VBS since my kidds were little. I can remember some of my favorite themes and how we transformed the church into a different place to help the kidds learn about Jesus. I love how the writers tie crafts, games, songs, etc together with 5 bible stories and it makes the week so exciting. I used to love when we would get the new packet which is usually in a neat can or box with really cool pictures. It is awesome to watch the kids and teachers get involved in whatever the theme is!! One of my first favorites was when we were in heaven. We had twinkly lights everywhere and one of the sayings was 'if you like earth, wait til you get to heaven.' One year we had a giant volcano; one year a circus; one year we were underwater with fish, etc; one year we had a giant cactus pinata; and one of my favorites was when they carted in loads of sand and we had a giant beach. I love it!!!

This year is Camp E.D.G.E. where we Experience & Discover God Everywhere. It has been about extreme sports which I think the kidds think are really cool, especially the bigger kidds. We have the church looking like a camp with tents, campfires, coolers, and folding chairs. We even have a canoe where the kneeling benches usually are and it looks really neat. They've had some fun crafts and snacks that tie into that theme. I wonder sometimes if most of them even realize how it all goes together, probably not. Oh well, we plant the seeds...God will do the rest!!

I'm reminded of the story in the New Testament where Jesus calls the children to him to bless them saying, 'Let the children come unto me, do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these'. They all believe so willingly and get so excited about everything they are learning. We need to have a faith just like them!!

Maybe we need to have VBS for adults. We get so tied up in our day to day tasks and decisions which I know are important but we forget about so many other important things for God. We need to have our own personal VBS each day so that we are spending time with God daily and then our other important things will all fall into place. Let me tell you, I need to hear and heed my own message. Maybe that's why I love VBS so much because it brings me back to where I know I need to be even if only for that week.

Hey, gotta go - finishing up the sit-upons we are making today. I love VBS!

Let us pray...Dear God, I praise and thank you for this week we have had with these little ones. I pray we have touched their hearts for you and encouraged them and ourselves to follow you each day. Thank you for VBS - help us to see how important it is to take that time each day to ground ourselves and our busy lives in You!!! In Jesus name, AMEN

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  1. Mom I am proud of you! I will never forget the times we have spent at a child, a helper, a director. You are such a great friend to me Mom and I love you!