Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God is moving

Like Kristi said, we finished Saturday's first UPWARD games with a huge bang. It was a fabulous day with so many helping to make it a smashing success for the kids. I woke up early that morning praying that God would make his presence known and He did.

Then on Sunday, my family went to church. It was a great message about baptism and about knowing God. That's what it's about my friends. It's all about knowing Him. It's about believing that HE loves you desperately and wants to walk with you step by step, day by day. The worship was powerful and at the end our Pastor gave a call for those who wanted to be baptized or renew their faith call to come forward. I stood in my pew and thought for a second about those around me. I thought, "Lord, I know that there are people here today who NEEDED to hear that. Please open their ears and hearts and give them a desire to move closer to you". I closed my eyes to sing for a bit and then opened them to see that a few brave, strong souls had gone forward. I didn't register who they were, that wasn't important for me to know (yes, important that they did it, and that they are known, but not that I be nosey and know "who" came forward).

Tears immediately filled my eyes. God is working. He's moving!!!! He is working in the hearts of our leaders in our church. He's working in the hearts of our volunteers for Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. He's moving the hearts of those who sit in our church and worship together every Sunday. I LOVE IT!!!!!

I had a few thoughts after church on Sunday. First, God is ALWAYS working. I think the reason that it hit me so hard and was so special to me is that I'm again in a time of deep prayer and ministry. I'm mindful of what is going on around me and so very thankful for His work and grace and mercy in my life. Second, because I am in this time, I can see how deliberate I am being about reaching out to others and I am praying that He will continue this season of my life for a long long time!

Lord Jesus, thank you for working in our lives. Thank you for showing your presence in a mighty might way this past weekend. I pray that those who came forward at our church will feel you and will be able to learn so much more about your love. Thank you for the ladies that write here, for a collective time of learning how much YOU move!

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