Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We can't forget

The news is slowing down about reports about Haiti. It's so awful, my first thought is often... turn it off, I can't take any more. And then I think how blessed I am to even be able to think that. I don't know why I am sitting in my house with an abundance of food, with my family sleeping nearby. I don't know why my friends or the country I love so much is going through this. But I DO know that God is good. I DO know that He is in control and that He is working. I have heard first hand about miracles happening. I've heard about people being pulled out from the rubble alive after days and days. I've read stories about how just when dear friends have run out of a precious desperately needed medical supply, another box of the supply was found in an unexpected place.

Please friends, don't just turn the tv off. This is the time when we must get on our knees and pray for God's continued mercy and help. And we need to continue to give. A friend and a coworker of mine in Haiti compiled this list of places that we know personally where you can lend your support. If you have another area or place you'd like to give to that will help Haiti, like UMCOR, please do so.

Quisqueya Christian School
This is the school I taught at in Haiti. It has become a temporary relief center. As of yesterday, they had medical staff working there, and are also working on food and water distribution. I still have many friends at the school, and have been receiving a lot of updates from Els Vervloet, who is the Alumni Director.

You can give to Quisqueya through a Paypal account, which is listed on their website.

John and Jodie Ackerman
Jodie is a teacher at Quisqueya Christian School, and John is a nurse and runs a clinic in the mountains above Port-au-Prince. They've been in Haiti a long time, and have the resources to coordinate teams and support medical care.

You can give to John and Jodie through their ministry website:


They also have a blog, where John has posted updates:

House of Blessings

Lonnie and Phil Murphy ran the House of Blessings orphanage for many years and are dear friends of mine- like my Haiti family. Lonnie is from North Webster (maiden name Black). They recently left Haiti after turning the orphanage over to Haitian staff who grew up at House of Blessings, but Phil and his daughter Michelle are in Haiti now helping with relief efforts

You can donate to House of Blessings through their website:


Heartline is a ministry that has many purposes, including an orphanage, a women's program, and many more things. The McHoul's were part of the Quisqueya Christian School community while I was there, and more recently the Livesays have been working with Heartline as well. I haven't met them, but have been reading their blog since they arrived in Haiti, and Troy Livesay has been tweeting about the earthquake since it happened.

You can donate to Heartline through their website:

You can also read the Livesays blog:

Or follow Troy Livesay on Twitter: @troylivesay

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