Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's not me, it's HIM

Okay, I just got up off my comfy bed to write this post. I was having some quiet time with the Big Man Upstairs, reading my Beth Moore devotion, referring to my Bible, thinking about what I was going to write in my blog tomorrow, and it hit me that I needed to get these thoughts out RIGHT NOW!!! Have you ever felt that way????

Anyhow, I had an entirely different post planned out in my head, and as it frequently happens, God decided today that He wanted me to write about something else. I am cool with that. But if this post is a bit disjointed, please bear with me. These are fresh thoughts --- kind of stream of consciousness, mind you.

After hearing a moving message in church Sunday, and reading Dina's post, my heart and head were "jarred" if you will. I think we all need a good "jarring" every now and again to get us headed on the right path, following Jesus, not our selfish needs. After planning out a post on some of the things I wanted to work on this year spiritually, I came to the conclusion that God is way ahead of me, as usual. The ultimate planner is outplanned, once again. He wins. He knew when he dropped me right in the middle of this huge ministry called Upward that it would open my eyes to a lot of things in His plan, not my plan. When I found myself serving others all day Saturday and not thinking about what I was planning for dinner or what my children were having for lunch and if it was healthy, this was HIS plan, not mine. When I heard of a little boy after his game telling another little boy excitedly that it was like being announced at a REAL basketball game, that was HIS plan, not mine. When I saw some faces from Upward at church today, that was HIS plan, not mine. When I lost myself in the ministry of loving and encouraging others and forgot about my own worries, that was HIS plan, not mine. When I saw the joy in the faces of children who are learning about the Lord while playing a sport, that is HIS plan, not mine.

I guess you are probably getting the point now. Even though I know to my very core that this life is about following Jesus and his plan, not mine, I get sucked into my plans all of the time. God knows that. So He put me in a situation where I see His plans get carried out in ways beyond the reach of me and my sharpened pencil, notepad, and watch.

My plans vs. His plans.................. I think I will join in on His plans.

I can't wait to see what HE has planned next.

Dear Lord of all, You are the author of the perfect plan. Even when I feel like things are not working accordingly, you have a reason for it all and it fits perfectly with your path for me and for others. Guide me, lead me, strengthen my faith and trust in your plan and purpose.
In Your Son's name, Amen

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  1. This was SO good. God has been speaking through me....literally speaking through me. When I try to get my thoughts across to teens, it never works. When I let God do HIS thing, the words just flow like honey. Usually it is something I need to hear as much or more than the teenagers I'm speaking with.