Sunday, January 10, 2010

What REALLY matters?

M a student. He informs his teacher that he sleeps on the kitchen floor or under the couch most nights. Needless to say, he falls asleep in class a lot. What REALLY matters for him?

S is mentally handicapped. She function at a 1st grade level. Grade-level work is not a possibility. Social and life skills are a necessity. What REALLY matters for her?

A is an intern. She has lived a life of investing in lives while traveling around the world working with athletes, specifically basketball. She struggles with finding a job that fits her passions.

K, E, J, T are 7th graders. They are in a tough stage of life. They want to be liked, loved, and accepted. They are eager to grow up right now. What REALLY matters for them?

D is a teacher. She invests in the lives of children 180 days each year. She wants to start grad school and head into the next season of her professional life. Her heart aches for youth ministry as well. Priorities get focused on being that "outstanding" teacher. She loses sight of God and his ultimate plan sometimes. What REALLY matters most for her?

My heart has been heavy this week. God has placed a burning desire in me to know his grace and love in new ways. Not only does he want me to know these things, he is calling me to show these things. I know it will take me out of my comfort zone. I know I will have to speak up about issues that the world can't/won't open their eyes to. I need to get on my knees, into the Word, cry out to God. I know what REALLY matters is proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect of my life. I just need help.

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