Friday, January 15, 2010

Upward Update

So far the Boilers are having a great season. Last night we had another practice. We are working on rebounding, good passes, and loving Jesus. The theme this year for the league is God is Light. We talk a little each week about various verses in the Bible that talk about the light. Last night we were doing our devotions and I asked each player to share how he is the light of Jesus to others. I got lots of good answers: "Be nice" "Help someone at school who is being made fun of" "Play with my sister" "Do the dishes for my mom" and then...then, I heard a pretty good little story.

My dad and I are pretty prone to nicknames and we call this particular little guy "El Presidante" fits, in so many ways. Anyway so when I asked El Presidante how he is a light for Jesus he proceeded to tell me this story.

There are some kids at my school that make fun of me, they hurt me and my feelings. They aren't nice. Whenever we come in from recess even if we don't have much time, I always tell him that God is mad at him. Well, He is, God gets mad when we are whining, complaining or not being nice. So I just tell him God is mad at you. Because He is.

After forcing down the little chuckle that tried to escape...I talked to him and the rest of the team that El Presidante was kind of right. Sometimes we do hurt God's feelings when we disobey but that doesn't change the fact that He loves us, always. And that maybe instead of telling someone else that God is mad at them, we should tell them that He loves them. In response to this one little guy said "Do until others as you would like them to do to you, that's the Golden Rule, From God."

I love them! And I love the chance that I have to impact their lives for Christ.

Bless these little ones. Help them to be your light at school, at home, on the bus, in everything. Keep them safe. I praise you for choosing little old me to be their coach. I will love them with your Love. Amen

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  1. Monica- Those kiddos are so fortunate to have you as their coach. Thank you for sharing that story!