Friday, January 8, 2010

Pray without ceasing...

I'm praying for:

- The sweet family I blogged about yesterday.

- Our first UPWARD game tomorrow - GO BOILERS!

- My family, especially my sister who is getting married this year and my sweet Ava and her soon coming baby brother or sister.

- Mike and I, that we would contine to serve our God through our relationship.

- People who are without heat or a safe and warm home this winter.

- Thanking God for the way that He has been revealing Himself to me. What an incredible God that truly loves us and wants to bless us.

I realize maybe this isn't the most exciting, inspiring, or thought-provoking post. However, you have officially been impacted by my new year's resolution - Pray Without Ceasing. Well that and see Sugarland in concert. :) But back to the praying part, I am going to try to establish a strong prayer life not just for 2010 but forever. And finally, of course, I am praying for my girls who blog here. That we would be open about what God is calling us to share. That we would be strong women of Faith who are willing to admit at the end of the day, for all the online world to see that we are just sinners who have been given the gift of the Spirit because our Christ first loved us. And I am praying for those who read here. I love this community even if it's just a chance for me to release stuff once a week.

May God Bless You! And again, GO BOILERS!

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  1. This post struck a chord in me.....not sure why. I love how real you are, always. And, just so you know, the Warriors tore it up today!